Glenkelso Connor Offer


In the Summer 2020 President’s Bulletin I had an article on the death of Maureen Mewton and her burial with John Mewton’s ashes. They were the founders of Glenkelso Galloways. They were breeders having impeccable honesty and integrity.

Glenkelso Galloway beef found consistent, ready outlet into Victorian high-end beef outlets  and restaurants. Their success was founded on the use of 100% Galloway genetics in an essentially closed herd, strict selection of bulls for traditional Galloway characteristics and  then a selection process based on weight gain. In fact up to the time of John’s death, Glenkelso had operated a selection process for longer than any other Galloway producer.

According to John, the pinnacle of their breeding was a bull named Glenkelso Connor.

glenkelso connor

Connor was a big, very well muscled, growthy bull. He was king of his own paddock and  would not let another bull into a paddock he was in, regardless of the presence of cows. His semen progeny and embryos have been well received in Canada for their traditional  Galloway carcase qualities. Connor’s pedigree contains a who’s who of traditional meaty Galloways including one Big Tinderry Geordie, a massive bull that heavily influenced  member John Bridge’s father’s herd. Another bull featuring prominently in Connors pedigree is Repute of Castle Milk. The Castle Milk herd was one of my favourites when I lived in Scotland.

Connor is no longer with us but his semen is. Anthony Rowley, Galloways Australia’s  founding member, holds Glenkelso Connor’s semen in Holbrook, NSW. Because Connor was such a significant bull, Anthony would like to see Connor’s influence  spread more widely within the Galloways Australia community. So with Anthony’s assistance and supported by John Bridge, Galloways Australia is offering free semen to
Galloways Australia members and at a price of $10/straw for Galloways Australia associates.

The semen should only be used for stud purposes. There is a limit of 10 straws per  member/associate, semen transport, personal storage and insemination costs reside with the member/associate. Galloways Australia reserves the right to fund progeny GeneStar  testing. There are limited straws available.


A condition of accepting Connor’s semen will be registering progeny in the Galloways Australia Herdbook’s Galloway Section and providing the following information:

  • Inseminated animal ID and age,
  • Date of insemination, provision of insemination certificate where provided,
  • Calving date, any calving difficulties, birth weight or estimate,
  •  200 day weight and 400 day weight if applicable,
  • Where applicable live weight/carcase weight at slaughter and meat quality details.

Semen requests are to be made to John Bridge who will also co-ordinate gathering of above  information. Contact John at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Mobile 0404 808 894.

Glenkelso Connor progeny would be idea for carcase competitions particularly grass fed competitions such as Lardner Park.

There is no restriction on people joining Galloways Australia, other than normal membership requirements, to take advantage of this semen offer.