The Eve Cullen Trophy

Presented at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

The Eve Cullen Trophy is awarded to the Galloways Australia (formerly the Galloway Cattle and Beef Marketing Association) breeder of the winning (or highest pointed) Galloway or Belted Galloway carcase in the Sydney Royal Easter Show’s carcase competitions.

The Association procured a silver trophy to honour Eve. The Eve Cullen Trophy is for the Galloway or Belted Galloway that achieves the highest number of carcase points in the Sydney Royal Easter Show’s carcase competitions. As directed by Eve the trophy will be awarded to the GC&BMA breeder (not exhibitor where they are different) of the winning (or highest pointed) carcase.

Numerous words have been used to describe Eve and her cattle. Some are: unflappable, never actively sought the lime light, a great supporter of schools in funding and supplying steers for carcase competitions and being very understated with her wins. As an example “how did you go Eve”, “Oh alright” only to find out later she had won Best Galloway exhibit and Best Belted Galloway exhibit and most other broad ribbons.

Eve commenced her Galloway breeding around 1973 when Eve and Paul participated in an importation of Galloway genetics from New Zealand. The old Galloway Cattle Society of Australia Herd book lists their first calves as Hawkshead Tess on 18 Aug 1974 and Hawkshead Tycoon on 27 Sept ‘74. The property at this stage was near Bega.

Over the years, Eve bred many notable animals both Galloway and Belted Galloway. Some that have been mentioned include:

  • Hawkshead Martina,
  • Hawkshead Linwood Harry,
  • Hawkshead Scotty,
  • Hawkshead Penguin, and
  • Hawkshead Peter.

Eve has an extraordinary talent for spotting a calf as a champion almost from when it was born. This very much came into play when picking steers for carcase competitions.

Some information from Sydney Royal Easter Show: Eve won her first Championship and Best Galloway exhibit in 1979 for Galloway cattle and in 1994 won her first Best Belted Galloway Exhibit. She then went on to win best exhibit 18 times, 12 for Galloway and 6 for Belted Galloways.

In doing so she won at least 58 Championship ribbons including Best Any Other Breed exhibit in a year when Galloways didn’t have the numbers to show as a separate breed.

Eve also excelled at Carcase competitions. We are not aware of any breeder, from any breed, that compares with her record over recent years at Royal Sydney with championships being awarded to her steers almost every year since 2000.

Eve’s concerns at preserving the genetic base for Galloway cattle ultimately lead to the formation of the Galloway Cattle and Beef Marketing Association and subsequently, Galloways Australia.

Eve and others had concerns that, amongst other things, animals were entering the Galloway Cattle Society of Australia herd book that did not meet requirements. Eve took those concerns to the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW, meetings were held and questions asked.

This lead to her expulsion from the Galloway Cattle Society of Australia.

The expulsion was challenged in the Federal Court and found to be illegal. Eve was awarded costs.

The Galloway Cattle Society of Australia had its assets transferred to another association (Australian Galloway Association) in contravention of its own Constitution.

The Galloway Cattle and Beef Marketing Association formed to protect the Galloway’s purity and will be a lasting legacy to Eve.

In 2006, Eve’s Supreme Galloway Exhibit was sashed by the President of the RAS of NSW, the man who on behalf of the RAS had tried to stop her expulsion.

Eve Cullen, Hawkshead Galloway Stud